Floating Shelves and 9 Other Kitchen Trends Taking TikTok by Storm

Floating Shelves and 9 Other Kitchen Trends Taking TikTok by Storm

Floating shelves

Floating shelves? 

With nearly 700 million users, TikTok is simply too big to ignore. In addition to serving up all sorts of dance crazes and viral challenges, the social network built around bite-size video clips is a veritable treasure trove for design inspiration—even AD100 designer Kelly Wearstler has an account. And a quick cruise through an FYP—a “For You Page,” or feed—reveals the design trends catching the public imagination.

For those interested in what TikTok’s design lovers are serving up, bespoke kitchen designer Magnet has done a deep dive into the platform’s top trends. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a big kitchen project or just want to find the content that can help you curate the perfect FYP, these hashtags can serve as ideal jumping-off points.

The almost-kitchen

According to the report, 3 of the 10 biggest kitchen trends by hashtag usage are all about carving out extra dedicated space in (or near) the kitchen. Built-in pantries lead the pack, with more than 218 million views on the #pantry hashtag (and even more if you count #larder). Further down the list are mudrooms, with 15.9 million hashtag views. While not technically a kitchen design idea, there’s certainly something to be said about having an area to take off your shoes before coming into a food-prep space.

The storage showcase

TikTok kitchen trends also extend to storage solutions. Magnet reports 31.4 million views have racked up on the floating shelves hashtag, suggesting that there’s a lot of interest in subtle ways to keep the kitchen’s most important equipment easily accessible. Similarly, 4.4 million views on #modularkitchen imply many viewers are after simple ways to make cabinets more fun, creative, and useful without having to become pro woodworkers.

The showstoppers

But what fun is a kitchen design project without a standout design element to show off? To that end, 23.4 million views on #kitchenisland reveal that many are after ways to upgrade builder-grade kitchen islands into something a bit more bespoke. For kitchens that lack the space for an island, not to worry: #splashback is a repository of inspiration around subtler ways to add an eye-catching element. Also popular is #marblekitchen, which has racked up more than 968,000 views, as well as #darkkitchen, which has 20.3 million views and counting, implying that certain palettes carry more digital weight than others. Statement lighting, too, has earned its share of eyeballs on the app, with chandeliers and pendants galore.