How interior decoration affects your mood

How interior decoration affects your mood


Calm interior space.


The interior decoration of your home, workspace, or any other place can significantly stimulate and affect your mood. Every designed space has its specific function, whether it is a bedroom, kitchen, office, or car park. The decor mood for work or relaxation has to be rightly set for those who will be making use of the designed space. The color and arrangement of a surrounding play a special role in your subconscious, thereby having an impact on your mood.

It is of utmost importance to have the perfect aesthetics when desiring to have a working or relaxation space. Stick to the end of this article and you'll discover some salient ways that interior decoration and design can subconsciously affect your mood. 

What is Interior Decoration?

Interior decoration is the process of using decorative designs and aesthetics to improve upon a space, to make it more aesthetically rich and pleasing to the eyes. Interior decoration utilizes elements of designs such as color, furniture, electronics, and other accessories. 


Scandinavian interior design.

One of the most popular interior decorations is the Scandinavian design, which is meant to be warm and inviting. Coziness is the key to achieving this kind of result. Interior decorations do not involve the external features or the architectural parts of the space.

Your interior Decoration and how it affects your mood

White table with hay on top of it.

An interesting thing about Interior decoration is the ability to set the decor mood. This means that the mood of the decoration can be predetermined by the decorator. There are several kinds of decor moods such as what the Scandinavian designs evoke- a feeling of warmth and comfort. To set an effective decor mood, you will need interior inspiration. One of the ways to get interior inspiration is using mood boards.

If interior decoration does not affect the mood in any way, then it would be a futile endeavor to try to set the decor mood. But interestingly it does, and many factors can be put in place to contribute to evoke certain pleasant feelings in you. Do you wish to set a space to be in the best possible atmosphere and mood? Here are some factors to consider and how they affect your mood.

Color Choice

Kitchen interior design.

If you are asked to state your favorite color, you would have a particular one you love, and this is because the color highlights an emotion and feeling in you. Color is a very powerful communication tool that influences mood and psychological reactions. Your response to a particular color might be different from your response to others. This is because your feelings about colors are deeply rooted in your personal previous experience or beliefs. 

For interior inspiration, it's good to know a few basics about colors. Colors are broadly divided into two categories; warm and cool color tones. Cool tones create a relaxing and quiet environment such as purple, green, and blue while warm tones create an energetic atmosphere for you such as red, orange, and yellow.

It's important to keep the goal of the space in mind when choosing walls, flooring, furniture, and upholstery colors. If the space requires energetic work, warm tones should be considered

Space and Cleanliness

When you think of dishes piled up in sinks, stacks of papers littered on the ground we become anxious. Cluttered spaces make us anxious, when you have too much unused space, it will probably generate feelings of loneliness. In interior decoration, there is always a need for balance. 

A major component that determines the spaciousness is the furniture. Furniture is indispensable for the aesthetics of your space and may take a large chunk of the space. The ability to strike a balance between scantiness and being overstuffed is crucial to mood setting. 


Chair in home at a light.


The presence of light makes you active, feel alive, and fearless to face challenges, on the contrary, darkness can bring you down. Light and color are closely related as color is a reflection of light. When blue-white light is reflected in a room it will make you energetic, amber light in the evening towards bedtime leads to better sleep. An adequate supply of natural and artificial colored light should be balanced when decorating.

Benefits of good Interior decorations

Here are some benefits of excellent interior decoration:

Improves your mood

Taking a selfie and feeling good.

An excellent way to improve your mood is to be in a very good atmosphere. Your mental or emotional state plays a vital role in your relationship with other people. If you are in a bad mood, you will tend to react poorly to situations around you. The reason why your attitude towards things around you has been poor maybe your atmosphere. You can start improving your mood by improving your Interior decorations.

Create quality and welcoming atmosphere

An Interior decoration, such as the Scandinavian design is made to induce warmth and comfort. This is the reason why Scandinavian design has been adopted in the world of interior decoration.

Applying high-quality interior decoration to your space makes your space a welcoming place for everyone who finds themselves there.

Speaks well about your personality


A rough-looking and cluttered space does not speak well of the owner. It carries the air of a disorganized and carefree life. Well-arranged, and beautifully designed Interior gives people a good impression about the kind of person you are. 

Brings you closer to success 

A good interior decoration in your workspace or home is a brilliant place that should brim with life and excellent ideas. You will feel less anxious, more optimistic, and confident to tackle your challenges. These frames of mind are key ingredients to achieving success in life and career. Your success is paramount, in other words, the state of your interior decoration is also paramount.


We are naturally moved by what we see. This is why humans have a good appreciation for aesthetics. Whether it is for your work, home, or any other space, an excellent interior decoration is of immense importance. Improve your mood with the best of interior decorations today.