How to do a small digital detox?

How to do a small digital detox?

We all have busy lives, sometimes it's hard to find time to actually not use your phone or computer, our work follows us to our home and sometimes we answer those emails by accident, just because we saw it came when we opened our phone.



Here our few tips to start your digital detox:



1. One hour before you go to bed, no screens.



Sleep experts say that you should have at least one hour without any screens before going to bed. Otherwise youll be messing with your eyes and brain.



2. Have a day off.


If at all possible, choose one day in month (if not weekly) for not using any screens. No tv, no phone, no computer - no nothing. You'll start to notice how much better you feel if you fight the urge to pick up your phone and check your lates likes.



3. When you are in Nature, be IN NATURE.

Don't snap photos, do a status update or anything - focus totally on where you are. In fact, don't even bring your phone with you.


You can start your detox with buying a little print that bring the nature inside, from here.