How to have a festive Scandinavian style Christmas

How to have a festive Scandinavian style Christmas


Scandinavian Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or, it would be if you were celebrating in Scandinavian style. The thing about Christmas decorations is that they can be so watered down and generic that even people who don't celebrate it are into certain parts of it—like twinkle lights or trees (but maybe not both). In this guide, we'll show you how to bring a little bit more authenticity into your holiday decorating by being more authentic yourself.

Use a woodsy, natural Christmas tree.

  • Use a real tree.

  • Use a small tree.

  • Use a large tree that's only decorated on the bottom half.

  • Decorate with natural ornaments, or gold accents, or pastel ornaments—or all three!

Use a small tree, or a large tree that's only decorated on the bottom half.


Christmas Tree

The first step to decorating your tree is to decide what size you want it to be. If you're going for the minimalist Scandinavian style Christmas, a small tree will look great on your coffee table or in front of the window. Alternatively, if you want something that's more than just an ornament on top of an open space, but can still fit into most spaces and not take over your whole living room, use a large tree but only decorate half of it with ornaments. This way you get some extra decoration without going overboard and taking over everything in sight!

Use pastel ornaments and maybe some gold accents

The best way to bring the Scandinavian feel into your home is by using pastel ornaments and maybe some gold accents. If you have the option, use Scandinavian ornaments if you can find them. They’re usually really beautiful and simple in their design, which fits well with the theme of a modern and simplistic Christmas tree.

If you don’t want to go as far as buying an entire new set of decorations for this look but still want to add a little something extra, try bringing in some traditional Scandinavian Christmas decorations such as candles or pinecones from outside (if it snows where you live). Or make sure that when purchasing any decorations for your tree that they’re simple enough not to distract from whatever color scheme or theme that has already been established throughout the room.

Think natural, simple decor.

Scandinavian style Christmas decor is all about minimalism, so your first step should be to keep it simple. Use natural materials like wood, straw and twine to create your decorations. Keep in mind that Scandinavian style is not necessarily all white—it can incorporate bright colors as well.

Use natural colors such as red, orange and yellow for your decorations instead of the traditional blue or green associated with other Christmas styles. When shopping for Scandinavian style ornaments, look for ones made from cardboard or paper rather than plastic or metal like you would find at a regular craft store. If you’re interested in making your own decorations from scratch using only natural materials like pinecones and berries then go right ahead!

Go for candles instead of twinkle lights.

Candles are the perfect alternative to twinkle lights. They’re much more environmentally friendly and you can use them year-round, not just for Christmas. The benefits don’t stop there though – candles are also reusable (so you don’t have to go out and buy new ones every year), they can be cheaper than twinkle lights, and they work in any room of your house!

If you want to go all out with your Scandinavian style Christmas decorating, candles are a great way to do it – just make sure that when you burn them you blow them out before going to bed so that your home doesn’t burn down!

Make your own decorative bakeware.

Decorate your own Christmas tree ornaments, wreaths, and other decorative bakeware. Here's how to get started:

  • Use cookie cutters to create shapes such as stars and hearts. You can also use a glass jar or teapot lid if you want to make a more abstract shape.

  • Paint the cutouts with food coloring using a pastry brush for an even coat of color on each side of the cookie cutter shape. Set aside to dry completely before moving on to the next step (this will take several hours). If you're using glass containers instead of cookie cutters, skip this part altogether—you'll still be able to paint them later in Step 3!

  • Use toothpicks or skewers inserted into holes made by nails or pushpins at different heights around the inside edge of your container(s) so they stick out just enough from their bottoms not only for easy removal when serving but also so they don't get stuck while baking/cooking food inside during Thanksgiving dinner preparations later in November/December; this prevents them from accidentally breaking apart while holding hot dishes too close together during meal preparation outside when frosty weather makes it harder than usual for people who aren't used  to working outdoors all day long (like myself) because we haven't been outside much lately due t o all th e snow coverin g everything up outside our windows at home -and especially after going through Christmas break where most schools were closed down due t o snowstorms happening all over New England."

Decorate with natural greenery.

  • Use natural greenery, whether it's pine cones, berries or something else.

  • Don't use plastic ornaments.

  • Don't go overboard with the decorations—use them sparingly and only on the tree and in other areas of your home that need a little extra Christmas cheer.

  • Use a natural tree instead of an artificial one if you can (real trees are better for the environment), but don’t worry if you don’t have access to one—fake trees are still lovely! Just make sure they're made from real wood fiber instead of PVC so they biodegrade eventually instead of sitting in landfills forever (like traditional artificial tree plastics do). If possible, try getting an LED light option so it won't feel like your house is lit up like Times Square at night! And if you really want to go green this year... try candles instead of twinkle lights!

Hang an Advent calendar on your tree.

Hang an Advent calendar on your tree.

The advent calendar is a traditional Christmas decoration that has been used for centuries in Scandinavian countries. The tradition of hanging an Advent calendar originated with the Lutherans who frowned upon the use of religious symbols during their season of Advent, so they created a secular means for marking its arrival. Once it became popular, however, there were quite a few variations on how to make and hang your own advent calendars. You can find some great DIY tutorials online if you want to make your own!

Eat gingerbread cookies with powdered sugar on top.

Gingerbread cookies are a popular Christmas treat in Scandinavia. They are usually made with molasses, ginger, and cinnamon, as well as other spices. Some people like to eat them with a little bit of powdered sugar on top.

Other traditional Scandinavian Christmas treats include rice pudding and saffron buns.

Make hand-crafted ornaments

The next step to creating a festive Scandinavian style Christmas is to make hand-crafted ornaments. There are so many different things that you can do for this part of your holiday decorating. You can use natural materials like pine cones and twigs for your decorations, just like the Scandinavians did! Or you could use ribbon, yarn, and other fabric materials instead. You could also use feathers and other natural objects from nature as well as various colors including brown, red, green, and white.

There are things you can do with your Christmas decor to celebrate in Scandinavian style

  • Use a small tree, or one that's only decorated on the bottom half.

  • Make your ornaments pastel and simple, or use some gold accents.

  • Think natural when it comes to decorating—this means no tinsel! Instead of twinkle lights, try candles as your primary lighting source (or perhaps use both). Candles are also great in every room of your house—they'll create a festive atmosphere without being overpowering and distracting from the overall Scandinavian look you're going for.


The best part of Scandinavian style Christmas is that you can use these tips to personalize it. Add some sparkle or try a new recipe. If something doesn't fit with your vision, don't do it! The key is to have fun and enjoy the season as much as possible.