How we are thriving for sustainability

How we are thriving for sustainability

How we are thriving for sustainability

We are proud to be a part of the movement towards sustainable home decor. Here's some information about what sustainable furniture is and how you can use it in your home.

Sustainable furniture is one of the fastest growing trends in home design

Are you looking for eco-friendly furniture? Here are a few tips:

  • Sustainable furniture is made from natural materials. This could include reclaimed wood, bamboo, or other materials harvested in an environmentally responsible way. If a product is labeled “natural” and it doesn't have any harmful chemicals added during manufacturing, then it's probably sustainable.

  • Sustainable furniture is made from recycled materials. If a piece of furniture contains some percentage of recycled material in its construction (at least 50 percent), then it can be considered part of the trend towards sustainability in home decorating. Recycling reduces waste while also preserving natural resources that would otherwise be cut down during production processes or go unused after initial use.

  • Sustainable furniture is made with renewable or sustainably sourced materials such as cork, bamboo, hemp and other plants which can be grown without resorting to deforestation practices similar those used by large-scale logging companies like those owned by Monsanto Corporation (which still owns majority share). By using products made from these sustainable resources instead we're helping protect our planet's forests while simultaneously supporting local communities through fair trade agreements designed to ensure fair wages for workers involved in harvesting materials for manufacture into finished goods sold here at home or abroad."

Know what to look for when purchasing sustainable furniture.

Sustainable furniture

When you're looking for furniture made with sustainably sourced materials, it's important to know what labels to look out for. There are a lot of different organizations that have their own standards and labels to ensure that only wood products from well-managed forests are used.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is one of the most recognized certifications for sustainable forestry management practices, and its label can be found on furniture sold by many retailers around the world. FSC certification is based on three main principles:

  • The conservation of natural resources

  • Respectful treatment of people and culture

  • Sustainable economic utilization

Sustainable materials to look for.

The most sustainable material you can use for a product is the one that's already there. So if you're designing something new, consider what materials are already available in your area and how you can use them. For example, if you live in the south-eastern United States, you'll want to look for sustainable materials like cork and bamboo because those are native to this region. You might also want to consider using glass or metal from local artisans who specialize in making custom furniture out of recycled materials like car parts or scrap metal.

Here's an overview of some common sustainable building materials: wood (this includes bamboo), metal (steel), glass (plate glass or stained glass), stone (sandstone), cork (from trees originally grown in Portugal), leather/biofabric/organic cotton

Avoiding materials that aren't sustainable.

As a company, we are committed to sustainability. To do this, we avoid materials that aren’t sustainable.

  • Avoid materials that aren't recyclable: We use recycled plastic in our packaging and products whenever possible.

  • Avoid materials that aren't biodegradable: We use 100% renewable energy sources when possible and encourage customers to compost their waste by providing instructions on how best to do so.

  • Avoid materials that require more water than necessary: We conserve water wherever possible through rain harvesting systems at our headquarters as well as our manufacturing locations around the world (and wherever else it makes sense!).

Choosing sustainable home decor items.


Sustainable furniture

When you're looking for a new piece of furniture or an accessory, be sure you choose items that will last and that are made from sustainable materials. You can do this by checking the label on the product or searching online to find out if it's been certified as sustainable by a trusted third party. The following are examples of some popular materials used in sustainable home decor:

  • Recycled plastic - Made from recycled milk jugs and soda bottles, this type of plastic is both durable and biodegradable. It can be found in everything from outdoor furniture to coffee mugs and storage bins.

  • Bamboo - A strong grass native to Asia, bamboo can grow up to 40 feet per year! It's also incredibly versatile; its uses include flooring, fencing, furniture manufacturing (including making rugs), paper production (like magazines) and even food (such as tofu).

Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We use sustainable materials and methods in every part of our operations. We are committed to the environment, to our customers, and to our employees—and we want you to be part of this community by buying from us and coming back again and again.


We are proud to offer sustainable furniture for your home. We know it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate the many options out there, but we hope this guide helps you find the right one for your needs!