Inside Joe Rogan's $14.4 Million Texas Mansion

Inside Joe Rogan's $14.4 Million Texas Mansion

Inside Joe Rogan's $14.4 Million Texas Mansion

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Woods

MMA commentator, podcast host and chimp enthusiast Joe Rogan has moved out of California and into the great state of Texas. Leaving his measly 7,600-square-foot house in the Golden State behind, he picked up a 10,980-square-foot mansion with eight bedrooms in Austin, Texas, for $14.4 million. 

That's about four times more expensive than his old home, but Rogan can spare the cash. The podcast king signed an exclusive deal with Spotify in May 2020 worth $100 million — and this move to Austin will save him millions in taxes.

Want to take a look inside his new home? Jamie, pull up those pictures.

A Whole New House

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

The home, located on Lake Austin, used to be a tired Tuscan-style McMansion built in 2006 and listed for $7.25 million in 2015.

Thanks to designer Benjamin Wood (who also owned the home, according to Variety), the place has been transformed into an Asian-inspired modern mansion.  

Entry Hall

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

What used to be beige plaster walls in the entry have been covered with shiplap.

There is a bunch of antique Eastern furniture, too, which is right up Rogan's alley.

If we didn't know any better, we'd think this house was designed specifically for him. 

Leaving California

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

Rogan has bemoaned the state of California for quite some time, citing its high taxes, its liberal policies, and the overcrowding and homelessness problem in Los Angeles specifically.  

He first said he would be moving on his podcast in July 2020. He didn't say where to, but he did allude to living somewhere smaller. 


A Smaller Town?

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

Austin, with its population of 964,000 people, isn't exactly small, but it's smaller than Los Angeles' population of 4 million.

In Austin, Rogan will be spending his time in a neighborhood with a population of about 8,800 people. 

The Dining Room

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The interior has been redesigned for an open floorplan, with the dining table, living rooms and library all sharing one space.

The walls and ceiling are coated in a deep, designer blue.


The Bar

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The bar is made from this awesome, sturdy-looking wood and has been installed into the floor on an elevated platform. 

It's unknown if Rogan will replace the cabinet's spirits for a display of designer weed and DMT. He did do DMT three times in one day, after all. 

"It f---ked me up for a while," he said. "This was during the 'Fear Factor' days. ... Reality was very slippery. I kept thinking cars were going to fly over the incoming lane, crash into me and kill me."

The Kitchen

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

The kitchen is a wonderful place to prepare elk meat. It features two kitchen islands with pull-up seating, rustic farmhouse-style light fixtures and recessed lighting. 

Mirroring Islands

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

Interestingly, the kitchen islands mirror one another almost exactly.

The oven is behind the photographer so the cabinets are likely hiding a dishwasher or two and other appliances. 

Ahead, a large modern fireplace flanked by antique cabinets crowns the dining room and kitchen. 

The Dining Room

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

The dining room is decorated with a large farmhouse-style table that has two wide rectangles for legs and a set of eye-catching dining chairs. 

It's a large table with enough room for Rogan, his wife, Jessica, their three children, and three other podcast guests to sit down for a meal. 


Walls of Glass

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The back of the home has been remodeled with floor-to-ceiling walls of glass in midcentury modern style. 

While the property's four acres won't afford Rogan the amount of space needed to hunt elk, it does have a nice rolling lawn and Lake Austin as a backdrop. 

The Living Room

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

Rogan still owns an 8,270-square-foot home in Bell Canyon, California, which he paid $4.95 million for in 2018. 

It's unknown if Rogan will be totally relocating to Texas, but everything he has said indicates that Austin will be his new main place of residence.

He already has relocated his podcast room to this house. 

Rustic Features

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

Rustic wooden pillars and an exposed wooden ceiling give the home its rustic feel that's in touch with its location. 

While Rogan has waxed poetic about going somewhere where he can "have a little bit more freedom," he's looking to save around $13 million in tax breaks if he can fully take advantage of the state's zero income tax. California's 13.3 percent income tax would have cost him $13.3 million on a $100 million deal. 

He'll enjoy much lower property taxes at 1.9 percent and no HOA fees. 

The Sunroom

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

With the new glassy renovations, the entire living room area in the rear of the house doubles as a sunroom.

The house is extremely expensive for the neighborhood, which has a median listing price of around $1.2 million.

Places to Sit and Trip

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

One sitting area is divided off from the dining room with a glass window. There are many places to sit and talk about DMT, or take DMT. Or smoke weed.

While Texas' drug laws are more stringent than California's, the likelihood of cops pulling up to raid Rogan's new estate seems quite slim. 

The Back Porch

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

The house lights up like a Christmas tree at night.

But there are no neighbors in the back, just the sweet freedom water from Austin Lake.

Beyond that, there are hills of undeveloped woods. 

The Backyard


Even if there were neighbors, they wouldn't be able to see Rogan rant about the dangers of how a chimpanzee revolution would render humanity helpless and armless.

Large concrete walls provide both a foundation for the outdoor deck and privacy for the family. 



It wouldn't be Rogan's house without a gym.

Rogan had his home gym set up buy Sorinex, an exercise equipment company that produces weights, racks and high-end machines. 

The Gym


Rogan's diet and workout routine can be found on YouTube and online.

His workouts are made that much easier by the equipment he can afford to have. 

Monkey Bells*****


Why wouldn't Rogan have a set of kettle bells shaped like monkey heads? Rogan posted this picture to his Instagram in late March 2020, showcasing another part of his workout area. 

For those interested, these are known as Primal Kettlebells and they're sold by Onnit, with a price starting at $85 for a 36-pound weight.

The Podcast Room


Anyone who has been watching Rogan's podcast videos on YouTube will be familiar with this room. It was custom-built for Rogan sometime around April 2020. 

We're not sure where on the property the official JRE Studios podcast room is, but in addition to the house, there is a carriage house and two attached garages on the property. 

The Mezzanine

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The mezzanine overlooking the foyer features two simple chairs and a wooden statue.

This one doesn't look like the Buddha heads and Eastern sculptures throughout the house.

Although it would be right at home with Rogan's decor. 

Impulse Buddha


Case in point: This giant Buddha statue from Rogan's collection. 

"This is my big one. I’ve never weighed it, but it’s definitely a few hundred pounds," Rogan wrote on his Instagram. "It’s the weirdest impulse purchase I’ve ever made, but I was high as f--- at the time and it reminded me so much of the Buddhas from my psychedelic experience I felt like I had to have it in my life." 

The Master Bedroom

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

When Rogan is done from a long day of debating Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler whether or not a race of subterranean people lived millions of year before us, Rogan can retire in this room. 

A large custom-built wooden frame nestles the bed, an unusual architectural detail that is quite striking. 

The Master's Entryway

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

A detail of the master bedroom entryway shows the same shiplap walling used downstairs. 

Rogan has lived in California since at least 2003, when he took the reins as cohost of "The Man Show" alongside Dan Stanhope. 

The Master Bathroom

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

Rogan's new bathroom has an elegant freestanding soaking tub and a shower so large it can be mistaken for a wall made out of frosted glass. 


Soaking Tub

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The freestanding tub is in front of a wall of marble with a decorative geometric backsplash.

Looks like a nice place to rest the muscles after a day of hitting the heavy bag and talking about the finer points of chimp strength. 

Bathroom Vanity

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The marble-topped vanity has a 1950s vibe going on. It's well-lit, both from the pendant lighting, chandelier and the near-ceiling paneled windows. 

Master Porch

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

Off the master bathroom is this sitting area, outfitted with wicker seating and decorative panels of stained glass. 

An Office

Peter Vitale/Fab Architecture

This nook has been fashioned into a small office area and is decorated with birdcages and bird wallpaper.

It's not going to be Rogan's main office, but it's small enough for one of his pre-teen children. 

Outdoor Dining

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The back porch has a full-sized dining table for outdoor eating, outdoor couches and chairs, a birdhouse, and lovely views of the water reservoir that is Lake Austin. 

The Party Deck

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

In addition to the property's two boat slips, there's a party deck. 

Rogan is no stranger to fishing — he has gone ice fishing in Utah — and this reservoir has a large population of bass to catch. 

The Pool

Peter Vitale/Benjamin Wood

The in-ground pool and lounge area is shaded by dozens of trees and features a stonework patio with tufts of grass growing between the cracks. 



On the property are two of these water troughs, which, while mostly decorative, can function as a watering hole for dogs. 

This is an old listing photo and doesn't feature Rogan's dog, a golden retriever named Marshall Mae, who has his own Instagram. 

On the Lake


While the home isn't entirely secluded — he can see his neighbors — the property sits on a double lot with 300 feet of water frontage. 

Will Rogan spend is remaining days here?

It's entirely possible.


Rogan's Old Home in Bell Canyon, California


Rogan owned this home in Bell Canyon, California, for 17 years. He and his wife, Jessica, bought the French Country-style house for about $2.33 million in 2003. He sold the house in March 2021 for $3.45 million, netting a profit of around $1.12 million.

The house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and 7,500 square feet of living space. There are 2.14 acres of outdoor space, which was once home to 22 egg-laying chickens while Rogan owned it. 

Leaving Behind a Nice Backyard


The surprisingly minimalistic backyard features a simple covered porch with modern landscaping overlooking an inground pool.

While there are plenty of lush grass areas for kids (or fur kids) to romp, much of the home's back windows overlook the yard with floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing nature inside.  


Great Views from the Backyard


This backyard's biggest claim to fame is the view, now that the chickens have moved away (do you think they moved with the Rogans, or did Joe make chicken breast out of them?).

At first glance, there's a simple pool, grassy areas, and a chain-link fence off to one side. But look the other way and the entire city opens up. Facing away from the home, the property drops off at the end of a rolling cliff to expose a hillside view on either side and an unblocked view of the city straight ahead.

At night, the glow illuminates the backyard. 

'Secret Garden Gates'


The front of the home is secluded, thanks to fully mature landscaping. While flattering, the modern shrubs and trees both fit in with the California style while also partially obscuring the house from street view.

What is highlighted is the home's original front door, a giant double carved wooden archway flanked by trees and a simple step-up entryway. The rest of the home is set behind "custom secret garden gates," according to the listing. 

There's an Interior Courtyard


Despite a simple and clean appearance, this home has secrets. One of those is the courtyard view, aka the "enchanting meditation atrium."

Viewable from some of the main hallways through floor-to-ceiling windows, the atrium is designed as a relaxation space with Spanish-style lighting, mature landscaping, and a lounge area for kicking back outdoors. 

The leftover Buddha head is probably from Rogan. 

An Office Fit for King Kong


Even the office space (a room usually neglected in most homes) is packed with magazine cover-worthy style. An arched door and transom window take up the back wall, overlooking lush greenery.

One whole side of the office is covered in built-ins with both display and ample storage space. The Art Deco-esq palm tree light fixture acts as a focal point to the whole room.

And then there's King Kong. That is definitely something from Rogan. It's a poster of a giant ape. How could it not be?

The Bathroom Is Double Everything


Some people have double-sized garden tubs, some people have double vanities, and then there's Joe Rogan. His master bath has double everything.

The vanity runs the entire length of the bathroom, featuring more drawers and counter space than we could count.

The sunken garden tub is so large it needs its own staircase. And then there's the shower, which features not just two showerheads but two entire showers.  

The Laundry Room Is Full of Marble


Laundry rooms have been trendy for a few years now, and they're really useful spaces to store all your brooms and cleaning knickknacks.

Not only does this laundry room have a double farmhouse sink for washing delicates, but it has an entire built-in pantry for storying supplies and two sets of washers and dryers. Everything — including the appliances — is encased in marble.

Why would a laundry room need marble everything? Well, except for the floors. Those are just expensive herringbone wood.  

The Kitchen Is Huge


The kitchen has an island large enough to slaughter an elk on and an oversized Sub Zero fridge large enough to store a bear. 

There's a La Cornue stove straight out of a Brother's Grimm fairy tale. 

And all of that is set under arched wood beams and a crystal chandelier.  


The Living Room Is Cozy


While the first floor of this home is deceptively simple with an open floor plan and tons of windows, there are hidden nooks everywhere.

This cozy sitting room features the same arched beams that bring the style of several rooms together.

And of course, you're flanked on three sides by floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the greenery outside.  

There's a Game Room


Of course, there's a game room. With a main open area big enough for a pool table, there is also a full wet bar off to the side.

The bar features an island, built-in bookshelves (again, for displaying designer weed?), and plenty of recessed lighting to start acting out scenes from "Cocktail."

Pink Drapes in the Sitting Room


Is Rogan in touch with his feminine side? Highly unlikely.

In sort of a modern twist on the "ladies' parlor" of the Victorian-era, this cozy sitting room features a stone fireplace, a massive bay window overlooking the landscaping outside, and sweeping pink curtains.  

Joe's Old Gym


The garage once held a deep freezer, which held various meats  — slabs of moose and bear meat, moose heart, wild pig pork sausages — all cuts from animals Rogan himself hunted.

"Yes, I get some grief for it. But you know what’s unexpected to me? How little rational thought comes from vegans who own pets and feed them murdered animals. I’m like, 'Whoa, what ... is going on here?'" he said to Rolling Stone during a 2015 interview that took place in the home.

A Rough Childhood


Rogan's life is an interesting one. He was born in Newark, New Jersey, on Aug. 11, 1967, Rogan's father was a cop, violent husband and unremarkable father.

"All I remember of my dad are these brief, violent flashes of domestic violence," he told Rolling Stone. "Nothing bad ever really happened to me. It was just confusing, you know? He was just a very violent, scary guy."

His father's abuse does seem to go beyond that, though. During one interview on his podcast, he told Ari Shafir, "My real father was crazy, he was like a psychotic person. He beat ... my mother, he beat ... my cousin. He picked my cousin up by his hair, dude. ... I got to see the worst-case scenario, someone who just can’t keep it together, smacks women, beats ... kids, beats ... them."

He First Smoked When He Was 8 Years Old


His parents divorced when he was 5 years old, and he and his mother, a hippie, moved to San Francisco. He first smoked weed when he was 8 years old but didn't make it a habit until his 30s.

His mom remarried, and Rogan says his stepdad is a great guy but doesn't talk to his biological father, who in turn refuses to talk to his son because of the abuse allegations. His mom is completely out of public view. Her first name is difficult to even find online.

He has a sister, whom, from what can be cobbled together online, he also doesn't talk to. 

He Took Up Martial Arts Because of Bullying


Rogan moved around a lot, and he was a small kid and familiar with being bullied as the new kid at various schools. He and his mom eventually ended up in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, and he attended Newton South High School.

While there, he became interested in martial arts to defend himself. He was "terrified about being a loser" as a youth. "I was always worried about the future," he told SB Nation. "I was absolutely concerned about being a loser. That was the big one for me." 

While in high school, he took up taekwondo and pursued it full-on, becoming a teacher at 18 or 19, and a full-contact taekwondo champ for four years. 

He Once Drove Around a Private Investigator


After graduating from high school, he popped into the University of Massachusetts Boston for a few years but dropped out.

He then worked some seemingly random jobs in Boston: newspaper delivery, martial arts teacher, construction worker, driver for a private investigator whose license was suspended because of a DUI.

Listen to Rogan talk about the private investigator. It's wild. 

Comedy Led His Way to Riches


In 1988, his martial arts friends goaded him into trying out standup comedy. Rogan developed a reputation for being a funny guy on the martial arts tour bus, when he would cut nervous, pre-fight tension by cracking jokes.

"I was terrible, but these guys talked me into doing it," he told Garbage singer Shirley Manson in a "Joe Rogan Experience" interview.

His first standup gig was at an open-mic night at a Stitches Comedy Club in Boston. Now bit by the standup bug, he honed his craft, picking up some comedy gigs at bachelor parties or emceeing strip shows. 

The Dining Room Is Grand


While performing at a comedy club in Boston, he caught the eye of a talent manager, Jeff Sussman, who asked him to move to Los Angeles for new opportunities. Rogan was happy to oblige, and Sussman is still his manager.

In Los Angeles, Rogan nabbed a standup spot on MTV's "Half-Hour Comedy Hour," which led to an acting gig on a quickly canceled Fox show called "Hardball."

From there, he got his big break as the conspiracy-theorist handyman Joe Garrelli on "NewsRadio." And that, in turn, led him to be picked as the host for "Fear Factor" in 2001. 

2003 Was a Good Year for Rogan


It's unclear how much Rogan made from that deal, but it had to be a good chunk of cash because that show became wildly popular.

In 2003, he hosted "The Man Show" alongside Doug Stanhope for two seasons.

That same year, he bought this house. 

Hallways With Windows Line the Interior Courtyard


Rogan is also a staple commentator for the UFC. The beginnings of his job as a color commentator for the fighting sport began in 1997, when he was a post-fight interviewer.

He quit after two years since he was actually spending more money traveling the country than he was bringing in.

Ooooh! He's Hurt!


In 2002, after Dana White bought the UFC, White dogged him to call the fights, but Rogan refused, telling White he just wanted to watch the fights and drink with his buddies.

White offered him and his pals free tickets to some choice fights in exchange for some free color commentary. Rogan obliged, setting the path for him to become the most famous commentator in all combat sports. 

It's not entirely clear how much Rogan gets paid for his commentary gig, but it must be a good amount. 

Pink Chandelier


Rogan married Jessica in 2009. He is the father to two of her children and the adoptive father of her third.

They had Lola and Rosy in 2008 and 2009. Kayja Rose, whom Jessica had in a previous marriage, is 22.

Maybe this was her room. 

A Staircase to Another Dimension?


For a man who has tried to explain DMT as a "chemical gateway to another dimension" and "a portal of souls you can tap into," he might have had some interesting moments while staring at this floating staircase. 

Head up it, and you'll be at the entrance to the master bedroom, and not another world.

The Master Bedroom


On top of having a massive bathroom, its own staircase, and a private sitting area, this lavish spot also features its own private outdoor sitting area that leads to a private bridge.

It leads to your own little secluded spot overlooking the city skyline.  

The Master Closet Is Nuts


The master closet is equally lavish, with a large crystal chandelier fixture lighting up some expensive-looking, Old World-style wood shelving and storage. 

A Stone Walkway


Sometimes you just want a little privacy. And if you're Rogan (or have several million dollars for a house like this one), you can get that via your own private bridge.

This elevated stone walkway connects to the master bedroom and lets out at a cozy outdoor sitting area.  

Privacy and Seclusion


This home really is all about privacy, seclusion and outdoor living.

Once you get past the home's wrought-iron gates and massive arched entryway, you're greeted with a long Spanish-style outdoor hallway that takes you past lush greenery and a secluded tree line before ever entering the home.

Probably not the best for hauling groceries from the car, but it does give a charm and atmosphere to the home.  

Marble, Marble, Everywhere


All of the home's five bathrooms have one thing in common: marble. Can you have too much of one high-priced finish? Rogan says no. 

Marble covers the floor, the walls, and adorns the walk-in short. For an added bit of glam, a crystal chandelier (another common feature throughout the home) gives off twinkling light that reflects against the unusual mirror-finished metal vanity.  

Celebrity Neighbors

Several famous folks call the area home, including Alyssa Milano, Trey Songz and Niecy Nash. 

As of 2021, Bell Canyon only had around 2,300 residents. However, none of them lived directly next door to Rogan, though, as the adjacent property was included in the sale. 

He still owns another home in Bell Canyon. Maybe he'll put that one up for grabs, too.