SkandiShop Exclusive: The Must-Have Cupboards and Cabinets for Your Home — As Seen in Vogue

SkandiShop Exclusive: The Must-Have Cupboards and Cabinets for Your Home — As Seen in Vogue

All images courtesy of SkandiShop.

Ladies and gentlemen, design aficionados, and everyone who swears by the art of minimalistic charm, prepare to be inspired. SkandiShop, in collaboration with Vogue, presents a list of this year's most coveted cupboards and cabinets. Dive into the world of sophistication, where functionality meets aesthetic brilliance.

1. The Arctic Elegance: Floating Glass Cabinet

Pictured: A sheer glass cabinet suspended mid-air, reflecting the pastel hues of the room.

Transparency is the key to elegance. Inspired by the icy realms of the Nordic region, this glass cabinet floats like a dream, offering a transparent view of your cherished possessions. Pair it with muted wall tones, and you have an art installation right in your living room.

2. Bergen Bliss: Oakwood Lattice Cupboard

Pictured: A tall, oakwood cupboard with an intricate lattice pattern, housing a collection of vintage porcelain.

Evoking memories of the historic wooden houses in Bergen, this cupboard comes with a delicate lattice design. The sturdy oak offers longevity, while the design lends an ethereal quality. It's a statement piece, echoing both history and contemporary craftsmanship.

3. Midnight Sun: The Noir Buffet Cabinet

Pictured: A sleek, black, low-rise cabinet, gleaming under a golden pendant light.

There’s something absolutely magnetic about the midnight sun and the play of darkness and light in the Nordic skies. Capture that essence with this noir cabinet. As functional as it is stylish, its matte finish and golden handles make it an unmissable centerpiece for dining rooms.

4. Copenhagen Classic: Pastel Pantry

Pictured: A gentle lavender pantry, doors slightly ajar, revealing organized shelves filled with spices and ceramic jars.

For those who adore the softness of pastel tones, this pantry is a dream. Inspired by the colored buildings along the Nyhavn harbor in Copenhagen, it’s an ode to European summer — bright, delightful, and full of memories.

5. Aurora Allure: Transparent Curio Cabinet

Pictured: A shimmering, holographic cabinet, with the reflection of Northern Lights dancing on its surface.

Ever dreamt of bottling up the Northern Lights? We’re one step closer with the Aurora Allure. Housing your most treasured trinkets, this curio cabinet is the crown jewel of any room. Watch as light dances on its surface, mimicking the beauty of the auroras.

Styling Tip: While each of these cabinets and cupboards boasts a design worth vying for, remember to align them with the overall tone of your space. Mix and match, but let there be harmony in chaos. Throw in a plush rug, an arty lamp, or some Scandinavian decorative pieces to complete the look.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, there's one thing that remains unchanged: the desire for uniqueness. And with SkandiShop's collection, 'unique' is an understatement. Whether you're refurbishing, or simply want to introduce a conversation starter to your space, look no further.