Top interior trends 2022

The Ultimate guide to top interior trends in 2022

During the past few years we have spent more time in home than ever in history, some of us were happy about it - some of us weren't. A lot of us had a realisation of our own home, and realised that interior plays a vital role in making your home cozy for a long term stay. Here we have listed the interior trends of 2022 that are here to stay.


Great rooms.


Great room


The bigger the better, the higher the better. High ceiling are in and high rooms are in. One of the biggest trends for 2022 is cavern like ceilings and big windows. Rooms in which the whole family can lounge in and not feel claustrophobic.




Say goodbye to minimalism, Maximalism is here to stay. No more boring colours and boring simple spaces. The trend for 2022 is having a colour explosion and fantastic decorative items in your home. Minimalism have dominated interiors for decades but the trends for 2022 shows that a change is immediate.


Traditionally inspired interiors

traditional interior


Brace yourself, floral prints are back. In 2022 we are tacking a step toward more traditional interiors. Granmoms prints are in again.

A blend of old and new: contemporary artwork and lighting paired with classic furniture silhouettes like an English roll arm sofa, for example. These are a good representation of this ‘new traditional' aesthetic, freshened up for today's young families.” 


Passementerie And Decorative Trim

Decorative victorian sofa

Minimalism and simple decor are falling out of favor. In 2022 we will see more decorative items in your home with a lot of detail.


Woven & Rattan

Rattan items

Woven and rattan items have seen a rise in 2021 but are reaching their peak in 2022. But rattan items will always remain a classic, going in and out of style periodically.




Bold colours

blue walls

Colour is making a come back, with favour of strong colours in your home. Dark blue & light blue. Dark brown & green in kitchen for example.


Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture

If it's used, it's the best! Recycling furniture is nothing new, people have been buying used designer furniture for ages. But now it's a trend. 


Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood

Using reclaimed wood is another way to take vintage and sustainability to the next level, explains Becky Shea Founder and Creative Director of Becky Shea Design. “You're using wood that is already in circulation, which doesn't require cutting down trees— a momentous effort in responsible design. What I find most attractive and believe is drawing folks to explore this timeless trend are the warm and inviting sensibilities inherent in the material, all of which is unique in character to each piece. I believe you'll be seeing more unique applications of reclaimed wood in the form of subtle detailing that adds beautiful character to any space.”


Floral prints


Floral print 


 If it has flowers in it and you can put it on your wall it's in.




One of the trends for 2022 is to ditch the sterile environments and embrace the imperfection of our homes. Have tables with scratches, faded out rugs and just homes that look like they have been liven as well.