What makes some furniture trending on social media?

What makes some furniture trending on social media?

There's a new trend in the furniture world, and it has nothing to do with what you want. Rather, it's all about what your friends want and posting about it on social media. The cycle goes something like this: You see a cool new piece of furniture on Instagram and decide to buy it for yourself. Then you take a video of the item in your home and post it on Facebook with hashtags like "#stylish" or "#trendy." Before long, though, dozens more people have taken photos of themselves sitting on or standing beside the same chair (or whatever), which means that many stores now sell out within hours of receiving orders from customers who found them through these posts. It's like an endless loop!




Green sofa and pink phone

Trending trends are sold on social media.

Trending trends are sold on social media. This is one of the most exciting, and confusing things about the way we live now. It’s like a dream come true for furniture makers: no longer do they have to use their local newspaper or Craigslist ad to sell their goods—they just have to put them up on Instagram and hope people will buy. The more followers you have, the more popular your posts are likely to be (and if you’re thinking about buying some new furniture, follow us!).

But what makes certain types of furniture more popular than others? That's where things get complicated. The answer depends both on what people want at any given moment and how well different types of furniture capture those desires visually. So while couches might be trending right now (see above), there's no reason why your living room couldn't be full of chairs instead!

Once the video gets posted, the furniture sells out

Before we even get into the nitty-gritty about what makes a piece of furniture sell out in record time, let's talk about how much fun it is to say "sold out." It's like saying you're rich and famous, but with less work and more joy. The second someone says they've sold out is the second that people want to be friends with them—even if they don't understand what they're talking about.

It's also fun because it happens so fast. Once your video goes live on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook (or YouTube), you'll see your piece go from being available for purchase to completely unavailable within hours or minutes at most! We're not even sure how that happens—it seems like magic—but when it does happen, everyone wants in on the action. This has led many companies who create trending designs to make multiple products available at once: one batch will show up on social media while another batch gets shipped out immediately afterward!

And then there are those rare moments where an item actually sells out before anyone even knows about it...


sitting on a chair

It's a continuous cycle of social media and sales

The cycle goes like this:

  • Social media is a great way to get the word out about new furniture. But if you want to make money, people have to buy it first. So that's where stores come in.

  • Stores are the next step in the sales process, because they're an easy place for customers who've seen something on social media (because they liked what they saw) to go and actually buy it!

  • If your store doesn't sell enough stuff, then you might reset everything back up again and try again with another wave of social media marketing—or maybe even move onto TV commercials!

So that's how it works: It's all about getting people excited about buying your products so much so that they can barely think about anything else during their waking hours...and then once some sort of awareness has been created within them (whether through advertising or word-of-mouth), then those same individuals need some kind of outlet through which they can actually purchase said product without having any meaningful connection between either party involved beforehand whatsoever; otherwise we would just end up with one big cloggy mess."


sitting on a sofa


There you have it. The three key elements to social media furniture success. Now that we've learned these lessons, I think it's safe to say we'll see a lot more trending tables on our future feeds!


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