What to put in glass jars for decoration

What to put in glass jars for decoration

What to put in glass jars for decoration

Glass Jar

Glass jars are a great way to store things like pasta or flour, but they can also be used for decoration. You can get creative with them and turn them into vases, planters, or small aquariums for your home. Here are some ideas for using glass jars in your decorating projects:

Put in colorful glass pebbles, like the ones used in fish tanks.

Glass Jar

Fill your glass jars with colorful pebbles. You can use the same ones used in fish tanks, or any other kind of small rocks, shells and sea glass you have lying around. Make sure your jar is clean and dry before you start so that nothing sticks to the sides during your project. Be sure to choose non-toxic materials for this project as well!

If you need more information about how to safely fill glasses with decorative elements of any sort (such as flowers or candy), check out this article from Real Simple magazine: How To Decorate Glasses And Vases With Stems And Leaves

Make a terrarium.

A terrarium is a closed ecosystem that can be made out of any glass jar. You can use small jars or empty bottles, as well as large ones. The best idea is to use fresh herbs and flowers that you find in your garden. You can also use moss or decorative stones to create a unique look for your terrarium.

Terrariums are great for decoration because they create an interesting effect when looking at them up close. When you put more than one type of plant together in one container, it will look like a lush forest scene with lots of colors present!

Make candlesticks out of them by putting wicks and wax inside.

This is a simple, classic way to decorate your home and make it look more elegant. Candles are always a great decoration and if you want to take it up a notch, give them a new home in glass jars!

To do this, simply put in some wicks and wax inside the jar. Then light them up when you're ready to create an inviting atmosphere for guests or just for yourself.

As long as the wicks are long enough to reach all around the edges of the glass jar (and not just hang out at one particular part), then candles with long wicks will work perfectly well here. You'll also need candles that don't drip wax onto your table or floor—in fact, go with any kind of candle that won't drip its liquid contents anywhere near where people are sitting down on their couches while they're trying to relax after work or school every day.

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Use them as vases for flowers.

There are lots of ways you can use glass jars for decoration. The easiest way is to use them as vases for flowers. You don't need anything fancy here, just your basic kitchen-sink flower arrangement will do. Just choose a jar that's big enough to hold the flowers and fill with water until the stems are submerged. That's it!

If you want to get fancy and add some color, try changing up the medium in which you grow your flowers by filling a jar with colored sand or soil instead of water. For example: if you want blue flowers, fill half of each jar with blue aquarium rocks and then plant some bulbs (the kind that come in packs at Home Depot) among them; when they're done blooming take out all but one bulb so they continue growing in their own little patch while still being surrounded by pretty rocks. Then when winter comes around again just throw away all those dead bulbs into compost piles or trash cans--but keep that one lone bulb alive so it doesn't die on its own!

Pack them with sand and decorate the surface of the jar with shells.

  • Pack them with sand and decorate the surface of the jar with shells.

  • Use a small jar with a wide opening to hold your painted glass jars. Pack in your smooth, round beach-sand tightly so that it doesn't fall out easily. Then, place some seashells on top of the sand for decoration!

Paint the jar white and put string lights inside it.

The final decoration you can make with glass jars is to simply paint the jar white and use LED lights inside. To do this, first paint your glass jar white and let it dry completely. Then, put some battery-powered LED lights in the center of your jar (you want enough room for them to fit comfortably). Put the lid on top of your jar and use a small piece of tape to hold it in place so that there's no gap between it and the lid.

Then just turn on those beauties!

Glass jar decoration

Float cordyline leaves or other large plants inside.

These plants work well because they don't need dirt, and they float in water. You can also plant them in soil, or leave them floating.

  • Cordyline leaves: Some plants are better left alone—or at least outside their pots—so that you can see their true beauty. Cordyline leaves look especially elegant when displayed like this.

  • Ferns: As with cordylines, there's something about ferns that makes them look particularly graceful when displayed out of a pot. Try hanging a bunch of potted ferns from the ceiling to create an indoor hanging garden (you may also want to consider adding some small-leaved ivies or philodendrons).

Fill it with water, then add glitter or confetti floating on top of it.

This is a great project for kids to do with you. If your child has a birthday or other special occasion coming up, ask them if they'd like to help make their own decorations. You can buy glitter and confetti at the craft store, or have them pick out something from home. Glitter is a great way to add sparkle to anything!

Confetti is also really fun—it's great for birthdays and other celebrations, but it's also fun just because it looks good on its own.

Fill a large jar or wire basket with fake moss, then place small pine trees or other plants that do not need dirt in the moss.

The pine trees or other plants can be fake. The moss can be real or artificial, but you should use more than one color to create a layered look if your jar is small enough to fit a single type of moss. Large jars that can accommodate multiple colors of moss will let the viewer see many layers at once, making the whole display more interesting and natural looking.

There are lots of ways to make attractive decorations with glass jars

  • Use glass jars to store food. Many people like the look of old-fashioned glass canning jars, and these can be useful for storing things like pasta, nuts, or other items that might need to be stored in a cool dark place.

  • Use glass jars to make terrariums. Terrariums are a nice way to decorate your home with living plants without needing much space. They're easy enough for beginners—and they'll save money on buying new plants all the time!

  • Use a glass jar as an ornamental candle holder. You can use any type of jar you want: mason jars are popular choices among bloggers because they're sturdy and don't break easily (but they aren't super pretty). If you're worried about burning yourself while lighting candles inside these containers then just put them outside so the wind will blow away any smoke before it reaches your face!

  • Use a mason jar as storage container when traveling with friends by car or plane because each person gets their own personal space within one big vessel which prevents spills from happening during transport periods; also keep in mind that anything else inside may get dirty too so try not putting anything wet inside such as fruits or vegetables--just make sure everything stays dry before sealing off lid tightly!


I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to use glass jars for decoration. It's a fun project that can be done by anyone, even if they're not very crafty or artistic. You can also make these decorations as gifts for friends and family members who really like plants or gardening!