How European and American country living are two different things

How European and American country living are two different things

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When it comes to country living, the Europeans and Americans have very different styles. The Americans' style of country living is more rustic than anything else. This means that most homes are made from logs and other natural materials like stone or brick. These homes usually have large windows for letting in light and are often surrounded by trees or other green areas. The European style of rural living is a bit more modern than its American counterpart but still has some similarities that make it perfect for people who love nature just as much as they love modern technology.


The Americans

If you’re an American, then you probably know a thing or two about country living. We don’t mean to be rude when we say that Europeans tend to have a different kind of experience when it comes to life in the country and how they approach their homes than Americans do.

In general, European and American cultures are very different. This is especially true when it comes to their attitudes toward nature, the home and family life. Here are some examples:

  • The first people who came over from Europe built log cabins out of logs they cut themselves from trees on their own property; these wooden houses were not only warm but also affordable because they didn't require any expensive materials (such as stone) or construction techniques that required skilled workers like masons and carpenters (who had already been working in Europe). In addition, these log cabins were easy enough for anyone—even children—to build themselves if necessary!

  • While many Europeans still live in small rural communities today where everyone knows each other well enough so guests feel comfortable coming over for dinner at someone else's house without calling first; this practice isn't followed by Americans nearly as often because most people here prefer privacy over togetherness with neighbors even though most would admit having good relationships with those who live nearby."

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The Europeans

In European country living, you can expect to find more rustic designs and decor. There’s a romantic feel to the furnishings, as well as an elegance that makes it seem like you’re living in another time period. European country living is less formal, so there aren't any strict rules about what should be where or how things should be arranged. The space feels less homey because of this and also because it tends to be less cluttered with knickknacks and old books lying around everywhere.



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The Rustic Farmhouse Look

The rustic farmhouse look is one of the most popular home decorating styles in Europe and America.

It’s a style that incorporates natural materials like wood, stone and metal into your home design and decor. The rustic farmhouse look has been around for centuries, but it has recently become very popular with homeowners who want to give their homes more warmth and character.

The way you decorate your home will determine how much of the country look you get when you move there. If you have a lot of wood furniture or cabinets in your kitchen, this can be considered part of the country lifestyle since many homes have wooden kitchens and cupboards here in America as well as in other parts of Europe like Germany or France where they also have beautiful wooden kitchens that would fit into any American home perfectly!


The Rustic French Country Look

The rustic French country look is a combination of country and French style. It's romantic, simple, and elegant. The rustic French country look is popular in the south of France. It's a mix of old and new. You can find homes like this in Europe or North America, but you might have to go farther out into nature for it here than there.

The idea behind this style is that you bring back what nature has already given you—both literally (wooden beams from an abandoned barn) and figuratively (quaint villages with cobblestone streets). A typical home might include:

  • Old stone buildings with ivy on them

  • Rustic wooden furniture made from reclaimed lumber

  • Vintage chandeliers hung on bare brick walls

The Rest of European and American Country Living are Two Different Things

American and European country living are two different things.

In Europe, the country is where you find the rustic, cozy homes of your grandmother’s house. Here in America, it's where you find spacious modern homes built from unique materials like glass and stone. The European style of country living is traditional, old-fashioned and full of character; whereas American country living is contemporary in its design and materials used for the home's foundation.


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But there are some things about farm country living that are similar for both.

But there are some things about farm country living that are similar for both.

  • Farm life is about family and working together. The farmer takes care of all the animals on the farm, while his or her family helps out with various tasks according to their age. There's no better way to learn what it takes to run a farm than by watching your parents do it every day.

  • Farm country living is about hard work and self-sufficiency. Although European farmers are not as dependent on technology as American ones, both types of farmers still have a lot of responsibility when it comes to caring for themselves and their families by themselves without any help from anyone else--or at least very little help from anyone else (except maybe from neighbors).

  • Farm country living is about enjoying the outdoors: Since most farms are located in rural areas where there aren't too many distractions around them, farmers spend most if their time outdoors tending plants or animals instead of inside with TVs or computers on all day long like people who live in cities usually do! This means that they get outside more often than most other types of people do which helps keep them healthier too!


I hope this article has helped you understand the differences between European and American country living. The two styles have many similarities, but there are also some important differences. They each have their own unique qualities which make them both interesting in their own right. I’d love to hear from you if you agree or disagree with any of these points!