How to find Christmas mood when you lack it?

How to find Christmas mood when you lack it?

We all have been in a situation that Christmas mood is nowhere to be found, what steps could you take to find it?


Here we list a few ways for you to find your Christmas mood.


1. Don't stress

Christmas can be stressfull, buying all those presents and preparing food and what not - it's easy to get lost in it. Sometimes you need to take a breather. Sit down with your favourite cup of tea and remind yourself that Christmas is a time of inward solitude and the festival of Sun.



2. Make it simple


Always inviting a lot of people to your home during Holidays? Consider downsizing the crew! 



3. Don't make all by yourself


If you are cooking everything by yourself and cooking takes its toll, make the menu simpler and don't make everything (you won't be eating everything anyway)


4. Enjoy nature


Walk in nature to remind yourself that winter is a time for deep sleep in nature and it is unnatural to have an extensive to do list during winter, you only live once.


5. Don't buy anything


Take a step back and refuse to buy anything you don't need. Your company should be enough for a lot of people.