How to pick the right ottoman tray

How to pick the right ottoman tray

How to pick the right ottoman tray

Ottoman tray

We all want to host the best parties and be the coolest guests. But, do you know how to choose a tray? Trays are great for serving food and drinks at parties, but they can also be so much more than that. They're especially useful if you entertain in small spaces like apartments or condos where there's not enough room on your living room table for everything. If you're interested in adding an ottoman tray to your home, here are some tips:


It's important to consider the dimensions of your ottoman before you purchase a tray. If you have an oversized ottoman, it'll look silly with a small tray on top of it. Similarly, if you're trying to make a small ottoman look larger, don't get something that completely dwarfs the piece.

If possible, measure both pieces of furniture before buying anything so that everything matches up with what's already in place in your living room or bedroom.

Trays with handles are easier to carry.

It's true that trays with handles are easier to carry. This is especially true if the tray you've chosen is large, which means that it won't fit in your hand. However, if you have a small tray and the handle is too big for your hand to grasp comfortably, this tip may not apply. You can always opt for another type of tray or find ways to make it more comfortable! (We'll talk about this later.)

The edges of the tray should be smooth.

When choosing an ottoman tray, it's important to pay attention to the edge of the tray. Smooth edges are easier to clean and more elegant-looking than sharp ones. Some trays have rounded edges, which may be more comfortable for you to rest your feet on.

Consider a tray that has a lip around the edge.

If you're looking for an ottoman tray with a lip around the edge, there's a good reason. The lip on an ottoman tray is designed to prevent drinks from spilling and keep people's fingers away from hot surfaces when they're eating. It can also be used to hold napkins, coasters, and food while you're eating or drinking. You may even find that it's useful when you want to hold your remote control in place while watching TV or holding your phone during a FaceTime call.


Ottoman tray

Get a decorative tray.

There are many types of trays, but when it comes to ottoman trays, you need something that will hold a lot of weight and won’t break under pressure. You also want your tray to be decorative so that it matches your living room furniture. If you have a lot of people over or you entertain on occasion, then this is especially important.

Decorative trays are more expensive than their counterparts because they're made with better materials and can withstand heavy weights better than regular ones. They're also more durable and will last a long time if treated correctly (i.e., not dropping heavy objects on top). The great thing about these types is they can be used in any room in your house: kitchen, living room or bedroom!

Have coasters ready in case someone sets their drink on your tray.

No matter how fancy your ottoman tray is, it's not safe from a spilled drink. That's why you should have a stack of coasters nearby. Coasters come in different shapes and sizes, and can be as decorative as you want them to be—you can even make them yourself! You'll find everything from paper ones to wooden ones on Amazon or at Target. Be sure to keep an extra stack in case anyone forgets their own around your house.

Ottoman tray

Think about what you need from your ottoman tray, look at the options available and choose one that is right for you. It’s a great way to add some character to your home and make entertaining more fun!