Top Furniture Trends of 2021

Top Furniture Trends of 2021

10 main furniture trends-2021 according to world designers

1. Shades of pink.

Neutral, soft pink shades are a favorite of the season. These colors can be combined both with the same delicate tones and with brighter, contrasting (dark blue, green, lemon yellow).


 2. Cozy beds.

Famous designers argue that the main trend in the manufacture of upholstered furniture in 2021 will be cocoon beds. These are cozy berths with a soft fabric headboard and footboard. The bed should be such that it was pleasant to “hide” after a hard working day.

 3. Geometry.

In addition to furniture colors in 2021, it is important to consider stylish textures, images and drawings on objects. Designers are inclined to believe that fashion is striving hard for modern motives in the interior. Today it is asymmetric shapes, drawings, as well as a large number of geometry – both in the objects themselves and in prints.

4. Natural materials.

The demand for natural materials is increasing. Designers strive to find increasingly complex and sophisticated combinations of different textures. For example, it can be wood interspersed with quartzite or marble, ceramics with concrete and metal.

5. Rounded shapes.

In the trend of 2021 – pieces of furniture with soft, rounded shapes. The smoothness of the shape returns to us from the fashion of the 1970s. Thanks to such an atmosphere, the interior will look more comfortable and elegant.

6. Metal.

In addition to unexpected stylish furniture colors in 2021, we also see unusual metal applications. Gold, brass and blackened bronze has become popularly used as individual elements. It can be figures, art objects, modern compositions decorating the interior space.

 7. Individuality.

People are increasingly inclined to purchase custom-made designer items. Buyers are interested not only in the exterior of the thing, but also in something more – its history, special meaning, depth.

8. The smallest details.

Designers’ attention will be focused not only on the general style of the interior, but also on its smallest details. This can be a special stitching of textiles, furniture accessories of a bright shade, pronounced details on the plafonds. Such additions make the space more interesting, give it personality.

9. The new art deco.

Art Deco in trendy colors and furniture designs in 2021 is an impending trend. This style embodies luxury, brightness and brilliance.