Upcoming styles for your home in 2023

Upcoming styles for your home in 2023

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Here at SkandiShop, we've done all the hard work for you. We've scoured the globe and found some of the most popular home decor trends from around the world. We've even included a few of our own ideas that we think will be big in 2023! So what are the hottest home decor styles right now?


If you haven't already guessed, the bohemian style is inspired by the gypsy lifestyle. The decor is relaxed and comfortable with a mixture of patterns, colors and textures. It's a free-spirited style that often mixes different styles together or mixes up two different cultures into one room.

The best way to describe how this style works is to say that it has an eclectic feel to it—it's not just one thing; it's everything! You'll see lots of patterns mixed together in your furniture fabrics, wallpapers and floor coverings. You'll see pieces from different eras mixed together in a single room (like gothic furniture with Asian accents), but they all work together because they have been selected carefully by someone who knows what they're doing!


Scandinavian style is a minimalist, neutral palette of white and gray with clean lines, natural materials like wood and stone and an emphasis on function. It's the perfect choice for people who want to travel but don't want to store their home in the back of a closet or garage. Scandinavian design is all about being practical; it allows you to pack up your house quickly when it's time to go on vacation without worrying about what you're leaving behind (or whether you'll be able to find it later).

Because Scandinavian design is so functional and practical, it doesn't need much else—and that's exactly why I love it! I'm not big on clutter or unnecessary decoration anyway; I'd much rather have an empty room where I can sit down my feet than fill it with useless knickknacks just because they look pretty.


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Modern Mediterranean

Modern Mediterranean style is a popular design trend that combines modern elements with traditional ones. It can be applied to any room in the home, but it’s especially useful for spaces that are large or open, such as kitchens and living rooms.

The look can be achieved through various design elements, such as incorporating sleek furniture into your living space while also holding onto more rustic pieces like wood beams and brick walls. This gives off a cozy feeling while still being modern at its core.


Rustic style is all about natural materials. It's often seen in country homes, with its stone walls and wooden beams, but rustic elements can be used in any room of your home as long as it's not too modern or contemporary. In fact, rustic style is very popular right now, so whether you're looking for a new look for your kitchen or want to update some furniture pieces around the house with more wood accents, this is a good choice!

Big Patterns

In 2023, we'll be seeing more patterns than ever before. Thankfully, the trend is towards simpler and less busy patterns than those that were popular in the early 2020s. (No one wants to make their living room look like a Mondrian painting!)

Here are some of our favorite ways to use patterns:

  • Patterned wallpaper or paint on the walls - this is by far the easiest way to add texture and interest to your home without going overboard. It's also great for adding a pop of color if you don't want to completely overhaul your existing decorating scheme with new furniture or flooring.

  • On upholstery - especially chairs and couches! You can also find interesting patterns for pillows or throws as well as rugs for underneath dining room tables or desks at work spaces around your home or office building; these will liven up even bland spaces without overwhelming them with too much color/texture/pattern all at once... which leads us right into our next topic....

There are a lot of great styles out there and you can choose whatever suits your personality!

There are a lot of great styles out there and you can choose whatever suits your personality! There's no wrong way to do things, but if you're unsure about what style is right for your home, make sure to ask your designer. They'll be able to help you find something that speaks to the best parts of who you are.

If you're not sure where to start looking for inspiration, take a look at some of the more popular styles below:


We hope that this article has inspired you to think outside of the box when it comes to your next home renovation. There are so many different options out there and we know that it can be hard to choose just one. If you're feeling stuck, we recommend starting with your favorite style and seeing where it takes you! You never know what might happen if you let yourself go wild on Pinterest for a few hours...