What even is maximalism?

What even is maximalism?

What even is maximalism?

What is maximalism?


Maximalism is a style of home decor that's all about adding as many things as possible. The opposite style to minimalism, maximalism allows you to create a space that's filled with color and textures—a visual feast for the eyes. But what does it really mean to have a maximalist home? And how do you achieve this look without going overboard? In this post, we'll explore what maximalism means and how it can help you create your own personalized dream home.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is a style of home decor, art, fashion, music and literature. It's also a type of photography that captures the fuller and messier aspects of life. Maximalism is about making a statement through your work by using color and texture to bring together pieces that tell a story in one collection.

Maximalist photographers use high key light to add color contrast to their images. They also utilize selective focus or shallow depth-of-field techniques so that only specific details are visible within each photo (like flowers growing amidst an overgrown garden). This can be accomplished by zooming in on one area while blurring out others around it (with aperture settings), or using manual focus instead of autofocus on your camera lens when taking pictures with longer focal lengths like 85mm–200mm telephoto lenses which will allow you more control over what’s sharpened into focus within any given shot too!

Maximalism and minimalism are opposite styles.



Maximalism is a style that uses a lot of decoration and color, while minimalism uses very little decoration and color. Maximalist design is a reaction to minimalism, which became popular in the 1950s. It's important to note that maximalism doesn't necessarily mean you have to decorate everything with gold; it can include other forms of expression like art or music too!

The history of maximalism.

Maximalism is a style that has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that it became more popular. Many people believe that maximalism was born in the art world, but this isn’t exactly true. In fact, there is no one place where you can pinpoint when maximalism started or who started it.

Maximalist artists used large canvases and bright colors to create beautiful paintings that are meant to make you feel happy or excited. However, they did not invent maximalism; they simply took an existing idea and amped up its volume!

In fashion and interior design too, the term “maximalism” has taken on many meanings throughout time. The most recent meaning refers to an overabundance of patterns in clothing or decorating styles such as colorful wallpaper or chunky furniture pieces covered with different textures like leathers or metals (like brass).

Where can you find home decor in this style?

Maximalism is a decor style that's easy to find. You can browse an assortment of pieces on sites like eBay and Amazon, or you can head to your local furniture store for some traditional pieces. A great way to get the look is by shopping in the art supply section of your local crafts store or HomeGoods. That's where you'll find all sorts of cool accessories!

Tips for creating the maximalist look at home.

  • Use bold colors and patterns. There’s no need to be timid with maximalism, so go ahead and go big with your walls, curtains, and furniture. For example: a black-and-white graphic rug can add the perfect contrast to a room filled with bright hues; an oversized floral print pillow will make any sofa pop; or an orange armchair is just the thing for bringing color into otherwise neutral spaces (if you’re feeling really brave).

  • Go big on furniture placement. A common mistake people make when decorating their homes is trying to fit too many pieces of furniture into small spaces—but this doesn’t work well in maximalist design either! Instead, try using fewer pieces but placing them so they create more movement within the space rather than making it feel cluttered and disjointed (see: “Flipping conventional wisdom on its head” above).

  • Add lots of accessories as well as lighting fixtures in different shapes/sizes/colors throughout your home—and don't be afraid to mix styles or eras together! You can also incorporate mirrors if you want extra light coming from different angles within each room; this creates depth where there might otherwise not be much going on visually speaking



This post will help you figure out if maximalism is the right fit for your home decor style.

Maximalist home decor is a style that combines several different styles. The maximalist look is often eclectic and can be hard to pull off, but if you're up for the challenge, it can be a fun way to get your creative juices flowing.

There are no hard and fast rules for creating a maximalist space. However, there are some common characteristics worth noting in this article:

  • Colorful and busy patterns are common

  • Large pieces of furniture (including tables and chairs) are often used as focal points in the room's design

  • If you have multiple pieces of furniture in your living room or dining area, don't group them together on one side of the room; instead, spread them out evenly across the entire area


If you’re not sure if maximalism is right for you, the best thing to do is try it out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find one that feels like home. If you’ve been leaning towards a more minimalist look in your space, but want to take it up a notch then this could be the way to go!